3 of the most durable watches on the market

A waterproof watch is a trusted companion, whether you’re facing rain, swimming, or diving. Although no timer is fully waterproof, many are very waterproof. Water-resistant watches typically refer to watches that can withstand higher atmospheric pressure as they submerge deeper and deeper underwater. Water-resistance is measured in ATM (or atmospheres). For most regular contacts with water, you’ll want a timer that has a rating of at least 10 ATMs, which means you can go down 100 meters underwater. Most divers reach a chronometer with a rating of at least 20 ATMs.

In addition to the water pressure that a timer can withstand, you should also consider other factors, such as durability, weight, and customization. For a durable, scratch-resistant timer, you’ll need a mineral dial and a stainless steel case. In terms of weight, many have a rubber or synthetic band that is light and replaceable. A stainless steel band, although elegant, can be very heavy when water sports are practiced. In terms of customization, newer smartwatches will sync with your phone for a variety of different uses, such as fitness tracking. Read on to see our favorite selections of waterproof watches, from those built for deep dives to solar-powered stopwatches.

Resistant, time-measurement with never-achieved precision and having an aesthetic as refined as it is functional, its brand is Grand Seiko

The Japanese watch brand is known worldwide for many reasons, but above all, because she was the pioneer in the development of quartz technology (which produced a major crisis of planetary magnitudes in the mechanical watchmaking sector in the 1970s, known as the Quartz Crisis), and therefore of precision, which has brought to very high heights thanks to its invention in 1999 of the Spring Drive movement, bringing mechanical and electronic watchmaking to achieve the best of both worlds. But in addition, and if this were not enough for a timer lover, its incomparable value for money makes it unique.

Although Swiss watchmaking has a reputation for being the most accurate, the Japanese has been the protagonist of the greatest advances of recent centuries. The dream of the founding family, Hattori, was always that their chronometers could compete with the best Swiss pieces and, in their endeavor, ended up changing the history of watchmaking forever.

With these elements, while setting aside quartz technology, Seiko launched Grand Seiko (a brand of its own), the brand’s collection of the highest precision and luxury timers.

The world’s best and most durable luxury watch

Grand Seiko

Grand Seiko is the quintessence of watchmaking in terms of precision, beauty, readability, durability, and ease of use. The goal that inspired the creators of Grand Seiko more than half a century ago was very ambitious: to create the best luxury watch in the world. To this end, they set Grand Seiko’s standard of accuracy and reliability, which was set to a higher level than any Seiko timer achieved so far, and also above the standards of international stopwatches.

After years of research, the dream came true with the launch of the first Grand Seiko model in December 1960. Today, the Grand Seiko are watches that, in addition to being authentic works of art, resist everything.

The Grand Seiko Sport collection presents its Spring Drive GMT Limited Edition model, the heir, on its sporty side, and more specifically created for sea lovers, with a water tightness up to 200 meters, improved shock resistance, a special Spring Drive caliber that has been adjusted for greater resistance to temperature change. In this way, the product is built to withstand the most extreme conditions at sea. Thus, even the position of the crown provides a new level of safety: placing it at 4 o’clock minimizes the risk of being hit or damaged.

From a design point of view, the chronometer follows the precepts of the Grand Seiko Style, based on the Japanese sense of aesthetics and which is embodied on smooth surfaces highly polished as the main element, inspired in turn by the polishing technique of katanas, or samurai swords.

On the one hand, the rotating bezel with 24-hour markers stands out which, when used in conjunction with the GMT function hand, allows the timer to indicate three different time zones at the same time, ideal for globetrotters.

Meanwhile, the dial has a subtle sunbeam finish and an intense color that looks like the polished mahogany on the deck of a yacht.

The emblem of the lion – which since 1960 adorns all Grand Seiko products and expresses the founding desire to create “the king of watches” – is stamped on the back of the case, along with the individual serial number (1 to 600) of the timer, as well as on the reinforced silicone strap retainer that completes the steel bracelet with double safety closure that presents this limited edition.

Other Japanese legends

Casio Black Analog Anti Reverse Bezel Watch, Man

For decades, the Japanese brand Casio has been making timers that look great, last a long time, and do not empty their wallet. This chronometer can withstand dives of up to 200 meters effortlessly, which means it can be used for aquatic activities that go beyond a few splashes.

The anti-Russian bezel ensures that the gadget does not malfunction when immersed in water. The three-hand analog display has a classic style and is easy to read with a black and white face with mineral crystal protection. The stainless steel case and black resin strap also contribute to the aesthetics and overall durability of the product. To change the time, all you have to do is unscrew the crown. You won’t have to touch it more than twice a year to save daylight; otherwise, the time should remain accurate.

The most durable solar power: Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Diving Watch

Citizen’s Promaster Eco-Drive Diver runs on light, so you don’t need a battery. The device converts natural and artificial light into solar energy to charge it, requiring only a few minutes of light a day. And, of course, it also has a water resistance rating of 200 meters, so you can perform recreational dives safely without worrying about its malfunction.

The product features a stainless steel case, dark blue polyurethane strap, and dark blue dial. The PU band material is excellent as it does not attract unseemly water stains and is easy to clean. It is also quite resistant as it comes with an anti-reflective mineral window on the dial. When it gets dark, you can rely on the luminous hand and time markers to always know the time. It is accurate, it is based on the Japanese quartz movement. In addition to the time of day, there is also a date window next to the 4 a.m. marker.

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