The most durable cars and reliable brands on the market

An auto insurance website has just published its annual list of the most durable vehicles.

The company considers a vehicle to be durable when it is as likely as possible to reach 200,000 miles (322,000 kilometers). The Toyota Sequoia is at the top with 6.6% of its vehicles that have reached this milestone.

Of the ten vehicles that make up this list, seven are sport utility vehicles. It should be noted that only American and Japanese vehicles are found.

  1. Toyota Sequoia – 6.6%

By far the strongest vehicle in Toyota’s tundra catalog, the Sequoia is powered by a 5.7L V8. Anything but a symbol of fuel economy, however, the reliability of this engine is proven once again.

  1. Ford Expedition – 5.4%

Ford has just renewed its Expedition for 2018. It is hoped that he will age as well as those who preceded him.

  1. Chevrolet Suburban – 5.2%

The fact that the Suburban is widely used in fleets of vehicles helps this model to reach 322,000 kilometers and to climb into this list.

  1. Toyota 4Runner – 4.2%

After thirty years on the automotive market, the 4Runner no longer needs a presentation. It can accommodate five or seven occupants depending on the configuration chosen.

  1. GMC Yukon XL – 3.9%

Like the Suburban, the Yukon XL is the fleet’s cherished vehicle. Everyone appreciates its comfort, its robustness, and… durability.

  1. Chevrolet Tahoe – 3.8%

Named after the town of the same name in California, the Tahoe offers an RST edition. This set is part of the 22-inch rims, blackened logos, and body-colored door handles.

  1. GMC Yukon – 2.8%

Driven by either a 5.3-L or 6.2-L V8, the Yukon has a base price of just over $58,000.

  1. Toyota Tacoma – 2.6%

More compact than its big brother the Tundra, the Tacoma can still pull up to 2950 kilograms of merchandise.

  1. Toyota Avalon – 2.4%

For 2019, the Avalon is getting a makeover. As this is a proven technology, the long-term reliability of its hybrid engine and V6 is not a concern.

  1. Honda Odyssey – 2.4%

The only minivan in this ranking, it has been the sole Toyota Sienna, Kia Sedona and Chrysler Pacifica, among others. With seating for up to eight occupants, it is powered by a 3.5-L V6 that is paired with a nine-speed automatic transmission.

Another American insurance website also published not only durable but also the most reliable car brands. 1 to 5 are the most reliable while 6 to 10 are the least.

  1. Lexus

Lexus is the leader in the most durable and reliable cars. Not noticing the competitors in front of him, this manufacturer confidently moves towards success and sets goals. The company’s transport is elegant and luxurious, high quality and dynamic. They have virtually no competition. Impeccable electronics, gearboxes, and superior engines. Fixed the possibility of a crash in various systems.

Today’s models will not have any significant problems. Auto repair is expensive, but owners of these cars rarely visit a car service center. The engines work perfectly. The chassis is resistant even to difficult operating conditions, leaving no chance for competitors. As a result, the experts undoubtedly gave Lexus first place.

  1. Mazda

In second place is the Japanese company Mazda. It is a merit of persistent and well-coordinated work and an insatiable desire to become the best among the best. The entry into second place is largely due to the SkyActiv innovation. On this basis, many modern power units were built. The typical problems of electronics have simply disappeared.

Maintainability, as well as transmission efficiency, have increased. Particular attention deserved appearance. Therefore, Mazda undoubtedly took the second position, even if it could not lead the summit. Meanwhile, these cars are considered one of the best. They are often purchased directly on the secondary market. The reliability of Japanese vehicles has not been lost over the years. There are no major problems with repairs

  1. Toyota

This Japanese auto giant is in third place in the ranking, which will certainly not change for several years. In the study of the technical part and efficiency, modern experts rightly attributed the third line to the brand.

Today, Toyota has taken a step forward by creating durable automatic transmissions that stand out for their wear-resistance and durability. Car repair is simplified and the high efficiency of all functions is preserved.

  1. Audi

The famous Volkswagen, of which Audi is a part, deserves to be part of this position. Although the Germans have lost their quality requirement, they confidently hold the fourth row of the rankings.

The most important step of experienced engineers was the use of an aluminum body. This gives the car longevity, makes it economical. The corrosion problem is resolved, but there are problems with body repair. It will cost the owner of the car a lot of money. 

  1. Subaru

Despite constant complaints about Subaru engines, Japanese cars occupy the fifth line of the rating. This is due to the fact that:

  1. Porsche

When buying such cars, a person expects dynamics, luxury, and a high level of reliability. But today, the longevity of Porsche cars is still far from the desired position. Of course, engineers continue to work tirelessly on vehicles. As a result, the claims to Macan and Panamera are minimal, and it is thanks to the two models mentioned above that Porsche takes the sixth position.

  1. Honda

The rather expensive class is considered to be these cars made in Japan. Car owners are convinced that the price of transportation services is justified. But executive hydraulics, as well as multi-arm suspension, are serious problems for cars of this brand. Despite numerous amendments to the car system, Honda is in seventh place.

  1. Kia and Hyundai

In eighth place are these two brands. These constructive and technological solutions in close cooperation have enabled Korean companies to claim strong demand. But gradually, manufacturers have fallen again in terms of reliability.

The Kia and Hyundai engines cannot be called a durability model. There are many gaps and problems. The chassis does not rival modern European models.

  1. Nissan

A manufacturer of affordable draft horses ranks ninth. Nissan cars have an excellent anti-corrosion coating. They eliminated the problem of excessive oil consumption, installed structurally simple and truly reliable engines. But after the first hundred thousand races, the problems begin.

The high cost of proper repair handling is pushing buyers away. Not all models are ideally thought out. Sometimes you have to disassemble most of the engine to replace the ignition candles. Due to a large number of deficiencies, Nissan occupies only the ninth line of the rating.

  1. BMW

The tenth place among the major car manufacturers is the German car brand BMW. After all, this company’s new cars often break down. To solve some problems, you have to deal with a complex internal device.

As a rule, a car of this brand is a frequent visitor to car services. With more than 80% of the defects, users are forced to repair them with their own hands. Therefore, this is not the first year that experts have awarded these German cars the last lines of the respective ratings.

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