Why we love durable things

Much of the products produced today are replaceable and there are few designs intended for the durability and repair of their components.

However, the existence of durable products, although their cost is usually higher, has several advantages. An online creative portal mentions some qualities of the designs that are generated to have a long life and we synthesize them below.

Repair or replace?

One of the advantages of repairing a product is that the environment is less affected by the disposal of discarded components and objects. Life looks more simplified and space does not accumulate with large amounts of objects. Unfortunately, most products are not designed to be repaired.

If a product offers a 10-year warranty, it is surely made to have great durability that can go beyond this period, but the most important thing is that its swell contemplates the one that is easy to repair.

In the field of fashion, durability is determined, in addition to the quality of the materials, by the cuts that are presented. A garment that has a classic durable serña design and its use can be extended for longer. However, you have to be realistic and know that at the end of the day no product can have a lifetime warranty.

Durability in products and goods

A durable product is one whose consumption can be carried out in a prolonged manner. For this reason, its lifespan is generally considered to be longer than most of its competitors, while the number of uses being high to which it can be exposed.

As established by the classification of types of good in economic theory, a durable good has the main characteristic of being able to be used by the user or consumer on a large number of occasions and over an extended period of time.

In this sense, it is possible to observe that reuse is an aspect to consider when defining this typology. This can be especially important when considering factors such as environmental care or responsible use of raw materials.

Prolonged use of durable consumable goods necessarily results in deterioration or expense. Which, of course, will greatly condition the lifespan of the same and the time when it has to be replaced by another good that replaces it.

It is generally considered to be from three years of use when a good or service is formally considered to be durable, although the nature of these and their intended use must also be taken into account.

Examples of durable goods

There is a high number of quality products that we can find in our day-to-day activities. 

Some examples might include:

  • Office furniture
  • Clothes
  • Appliances
  • Cars
  • A computer

Obviously, there are many more, but they are some of the most representative.

Other features of durable goods

The possibility of extending the life and use of such goods over an extended period of time usually makes their cost high compared to a low-quality product.

Therefore, its acquisition is usually conditioned by factors such as the level of income, the existing economic situation, the existence of more or fewer substitute assets, or the level of savings of families and companies.

So why we love durable things (or products/goods)

There are many reasons why people love durable things and all of these are to their own advantage. We will explain below.

  1. To save money

The first reason why people love durable things is obviously to save money. Yes, quality products are expensive but if you buy a $150 pair of shoes that could last for 2 years, compared to a $50 pair that could last only for 5 months while having the same usage rate, you can save a lot of money. Or, you purchased a $120 smartphone but have to throw it away after 3 months because its battery cannot be replaced or cannot be repaired, then you are losing a lot. Durable goods are not just durable but also repairable and sustainable.

  1. Better for the environment

As mentioned above, low-quality goods always end up in trash cans. The are many products today that are not only long-lasting but also eco-friendly that even if they end up in landfill, they will decompose. 

  1. Better resale value

We know this already right? Low-quality products and goods have almost no-resale value when they are used. In contrast to high-quality products, they can still fetch a higher resale price. A Dodge Charger can sell almost the same price after 12 months compared to a Hyundai Accent.

  1. Feel good about your purchase

Owning a quality product always comes with pride. See those ladies who wear Louis Vitton bags? They are extremely proud! It’s self-satisfying when you own something you really want.

  1. Safe and secure

Security is one of the major reasons why people want to buy durable locks and quality surveillance cameras and other technologies like doorbells with cameras. It’s like Trump’s border wall. The latest news says people are using a $20 ladder to climb at Trump’s wall. The reason? That wall is of low quality.  

Most of the crimes recorded by the police are property offenses. In the United States, property-related crime accounted for 87% of the total crime in 2014″ while in England and Wales, the property crime accounted for 70% of all crimes recorded by police in 2013-2014,” one of the online news says.

The negative effects of wanting to own quality and durable goods

Although quality things have all the advantages, certain situations suggest that aiming to buy something one cannot afford could result in crime and even death. Burglars are breaking other people’s properties because they want to steal quality if not luxurious things.

On the other hand, some people are digging themselves into debt holes because they want to buy expensive phones but don’t have cash.

Another bizarre story in China says a factory worker died of fasting because she was saving her salary so she can buy an iPhone 12 Pro Max.

There is no problem in wanting to own quality and even luxurious things as long as you can afford them.

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